About Networking Technologies

Networking Technologies started in 1998 as a small data communications firm serving a variety of businesses and organizations in northwestern Pennsylvania. Founders Jim Bahm and Ned Reade recognized the need for a local provider of advanced network consulting and technical support in Erie, PA. Over the past 18 years, Networking Technologies has since expanded and now also serves the Cleveland, Ohio; and Buffalo, New York; markets.

Networking Technologies has established partnerships with leading technology companies such as HPE, Microsoft, Extreme Networks, Office 365, and Barracuda. We continue to provide high-end data communication consulting and technical support services and now offer a variety of customization programs to design, implement, and support almost any technology.


Our comprehensive portfolio of services includes:

Networking Technologies supports a diverse group of businesses, organizations and industries. For years we have provided exceptional technical support for major hospitals, K-12 school districts, universities, municipal governments, and a variety of SMB to enterprise businesses. The leadership team at Networking Technologies is dedicated to expertise and support growth, broadening our capabilities and specializations to meet the continually evolving IT needs of our customers.

And, of course, we have balanced that expansion with a continued focus on our founding principle—offering superior data communications consultation and services.