RFP Design and Evaluation

Networking Technologies is a data communications consulting company at heart, with a team of professionals willing to roll up our sleeves and design a Request for Proposal that meet your business needs. We will also help with vendor selection and negotiations, asking the critical questions each business needs to know and assessing the capabilities of each prospective contractor.

chartsNetworking Technologies partners with a number of high quality network manufacturers (including Cisco Systems, HP, Enterasys, Check Point, Fortinet, and SonicWALL), but selling hardware and software is not our business focus. We will assist our clients in sourcing technology either directly, through distribution, or through existing channels. This model enables us to evaluate the best solutions for each of our clients who operate in a variety of industries and locations. One size does not fit all, and Networking Technologies considers the unique needs of each of its customers before designing an RFP.

Professional architectural and engineering firms often rely on our experience and expertise in data communications, engaging our team to produce detailed, accurate specifications for their clients.

“Networking Technologies strives to get each of our customers the best service and price, from every equipment and service provider.”