LAN / WAN Design

LAN / WAN Design

Networking Technologies enables businesses to be more successful, designing and implementing Local and Wide Area Networks (LAN/WAN) that maximize voice communications and data exchange. lan_wan_design_setOur extensive experience with these systems allows us to forge technology partnerships with the industry’s top equipment manufacturers, including HP, Enterasys, Cisco Systems, CheckPoint, Fortinet, and Barracuda Systems. Those relationships allow Networking Technologies employees to access top-level training programs and work with a number of other LAN WAN design experts. That makes us uniquely qualified to evaluate and address each of our customers’ unique network needs, allowing those businesses to meet or exceed their short and long-term objectives.

Effective LAN/WAN designs manage data traffic, provide QoS (Quality of Service) for voice and video, and address potential security threats. Whether you need a local, remote, mobile workforce, or combined system, Networking Technologies will build the solution that fits all your prerequisites.

We select the appropriate technologies for the design, migrate network configurations and provide technical support for the entire project. With years of network experience, Network Technologies offers reliable recommendations for all related expenditures, helping our clients achieve maximum return on their investments.

Our LAN / WAN services include:

  • Multi-location business support
  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)
  • Video & Video Surveillance
  • Site-to-Site VPN
  • MPLS (Multi-protocol Label Switching)
  • Teleconference solutions
  • Virtual office set up and support
  • SOHO (Small Office/Home Office)
  • QoS (Quality of Service)
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) support
  • Mobile/Security Solutionsinuity design and support
  • Business continuity design and support
  • Virtualization
  • Data backup and storage