Network & Server Support

Network & Server Support

Networks and servers are the backbone of your operations, so even a minor performance issue can cause a major disruption in your day-to-day activities. That’s where the experienced Networking Technology team flourishes, providing the high quality support needed to keep your organization running at top speed. With decades of combined network and server expertise, our professional technical team can troubleshoot, repair and support just about any platform or solution.

server_setNetworking Technologies offers 24/7 support to help when serious situations arise, prioritizing the issues that could disrupt or harm your operations. We keep systems running optimally, help improve organizational and employee productivity, and allow businesses to keep their focus on what really matters: their customers.

Networking Technologies offers customized network and server support packages to meet the specific needs of each business customer, such as:

  • Case-by-case services
  • Project basis
  • Continuing contracts*
  • Bundled with our acclaimed Cloud Control ® Network Monitoring*
    *Ensure network and server uptime/peak performance

Are you experiencing unacceptable network performance or unmanageable security threats from outside your network? Even if your organization just needs a little extra help implementing new systems, you can call our network and support team to get you back to peak performance in no time.


Does your business need an office server?

If your business is faced with any of the issues listed below, it is appropriate to start using a server:

  • Sharing Information- A network server can run centralized software (customer database) or be used to create company intranet (a private website just for you business).
  • Storing Files Centrally- Store files securely on your office server instead of individual computers.
  • Controlling User Access- Give employees different access to files, programs, data and information.
  • Keeping Software Updated- It is easier to roll out new software or make changes to all computers on your network.
  • Managing Security Risks- It’s much easier to back up files to a central location. You can block suspect websites by routing internet access via the server.

If your business operates with more than 10 computers, the benefits of a server may well outweigh the costs. Networking Technologies can offer your business or organization a custom solution, tailored specifically to your business needs.