Network Monitoring

Cloud Control® Network Monitoring was designed for businesses of all sizes, allowing each to gain greater efficiencies in their operations. This service minimizes the continual “fire drills” and time-consuming processes required to identify network problems so they can be resolved quickly.

Cloud Control® Network Monitoring virtually manages your systems, providing continual updates on the condition of your network and related information. That gives the Networking Technologies team the ability to detect potential threat or performance issues real-time, so those issues can be addressed before they affect your operations. That proactive management keeps your organization up and running, letting you focus more on your clients.

Cloud Control® Network Monitoring provides real-time equipment alarm notifications 24/7/365, pinpointing and identifying trouble spots through your personalized web portal. The service also provides notifications for “risk of service” degradation through availability status reporting, fault management, and performance updates.

Cloud Control® Network Monitoring provides greater regulatory compliance capabilities to any organization. Continual security checks and threat assessment, combined with a number of reporting capabilities, make it easier for companies to meet the strict requirements of legislation such as Gramm-Leach-Bliley, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley—and a myriad of other state, local and industry-specific rules.

monitor_setCloud Control® Network Monitoring services cover:

  • Fault management
  • Configuration management
  • Performance management
  • Basic Server monitoring

Cloud Control® Fault Management provides pro-active device monitoring, 24x7x365, for components supporting SNMP. Your organization will receive availability status and trouble notification, fault analysis and fault tracking—from beginning to end.

Cloud Control® Fault Management employs a flexible alerting process, sending notifications through e-mail, numeric pagers, text messages or custom scripts. Networking Technologies can customize the notification procedures to meet the specific communication needs of virtually any organization (including the employees who need to know).

Cloud Control® Configuration Management provides a configuration archiving and change monitoring service for all network-connected devices. The system will back up network device configurations on a pre-configured schedule, compare them to previous versions, and log and notify you and/or your technical support team of any changes. And Cloud Control® Network Monitoring can even tell you who made the changes!

This system ensures that your organization can be “back up and running” in no time in the event of an equipment failure. Archiving all switch and router configurations allows the technical team to quickly and easily restore the settings after any major incident or unforeseen natural catastrophe.

Cloud Control® Performance Management provides valuable insight on the health and performance of your network. Each organization receives their own custom web-based portal to manage their data networks, giving them a real-time view of each system—including the key performance metrics. Cloud Control® Performance Management gives an organization the historical data needed to make critical investment or resource-allocation decisions.

Cloud Control® Basic Server Monitoring provides “snapshots” of the crucial data needed to managing an organization’s infrastructure. The system monitors key aspects, including processors, memory, disk utilization, and interface statistics to establish baselines. Cloud Control® Basic Server Monitoring also maintains critical historical data statistics, such as the packets received and sent, and usage capacity. That allows the management team of any organization to rest comfortably, knowing that their critical data centers are healthy and secure 24/7.