Three ways to manage your data center for current and future ROI

Data center complexity is driven in large part by multi-vendor environments that require a multi-tiered approach to management. But data center management is taking a back seat to business initiatives. As a result, more businesses are skipping out on essential maintenance tasks in favor of driving new technology adoption.

Case in point, a recent Gartner report indicates that global IT spending overall has declined 0.5% in 2016, yet any savings revealed through IT are being re-invested in digital initiatives. But investing in new technology is only going to get your business so far if you don’t manage your data center to deliver 100% of the value you’ve invested in.

A little management can go a long way; some estimates say that data center efficiency can be increased by as much as 28% with the right management solution. So what are the three ways that your business can manage your data center for current and future value?

1. Make management a priority
You might not see the cost of data center management lapse right away, but over time small issues lurking beneath the surface can quickly erode the ROI of your data center operations, such as:
• Higher SLA management costs due to poor vendor oversight, lack of change management and lack of an SLA performance analyses.
• Asset management degradation due to the lack of inventory tracking and/or poor asset utilization response.
• Operating management losses due to delays in critical application patches, upgrades and maintenance.

2. Increase your management bandwidth
There is a solution in the form of outsourced data center management. Products like HPE’s Datacenter Care promise to provide a one-point-of-contact management approach for end-to-end data center management. It works to monitor, track and analyze incidence to prevent future data center problems. It also provides service-level management support, as well as support for asset utilization and operating performance – and the advantages of such an outsourced solution are well documented. According to a recent IDC survey, the business value of a product like HPE’s Datacenter Care can help to:
• Reduce downtime by 89%.
• Increase data center efficiency by 28%.
• Boost application development speed by 14%.

3. Optimize on every dollar you spend
While it’s tempting to funnel IT dollars into new tech adoption, the health of the data center should be equally important. Consider the lost value of a new IT investment because inefficiencies in other areas of the data center erode that ROI. The cost of management for every IT investment should be included as an operational cost. Only then, can you fully realize the full value of your data center.
Don’t let your data center lose out on current and future value. Contact us for a data center management solution that protects your investments.