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4 Ways to Optimize Your Data Center for Competitive Advantage

Data center waste caused by under-management of resources is a problem. Consider that fact that a recent survey reveals that 43% of senior executives have no scheduled auditing for underutilized hardware. Furthermore, 67% believe that comatose hardware is not a problem.

The fact is, obsolete IT assets or new assets that aren’t being properly managed can erode IT competitive advantage. Today’s data center needs to adopt a strategy that ensures that old and new technologies work together to support the business.

So how can you optimize your data center to drive value and market gain?

1. Simplify multi-vendor environments
Interoperability challenges between different vendors and products can slow IT performance – and impact your ability to respond to market and business demand in a timely fashion. It can also result in system and application downtime that can impact operational and business performance. Be sure to take a proactive approach to finding and fixing compatibility problems that can plague responsiveness.

2. Optimize legacy assets
You’ve invested a great deal of capital in your hardware, software and networking appliances. However, some legacy assets are still capable of adding value, while others have come to the end of their useful lifecycle. Be sure to perform regular audits to identify hardware and software that’s obsolete and ready to be retired. Obsolete assets can drain your data center of power, cooling and other resources, costing you money – and taking up valuable space.

3. Integrate new technologies
Many new technologies are helping data centers achieve competitive advantage by optimizing legacy and new data center components. Innovations like cloud computing and hybrid infrastructure adoption can work alongside your existing hardware, software and network components to speed IT service delivery and simplify the orchestration of workloads. Additionally, some new technologies can deliver savings that can be reallocated for business development and other initiatives.

4. Boost IT staff efficiency
By partnering with a service provider, you can outsource data center management tasks to ensure that internal staff can utilize IT assets to better innovate and support the business. Services like HPE Datacenter Care can help companies update, maintain and optimize their data centers for today’s fast-paced business environment. HPE Datacenter Care has been shown to reduce data center downtime by 89% and deliver ROI within 2.3 months.

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