Andy-AlmquistAndy Almquist, Software Developer

For nearly a decade, Andy has served as a Software Developer with Networking Technologies where he views the customer’s satisfaction as paramount. “If the customer isn’t happy, I’m doing something wrong,” he explains. He works with customers to understand what is important to them so he can develop an application that meets their needs, saves them time,and makes their job easier in the process. He also works with customers on maintaining these custom solutions and making modifications to further enhance the user experience. Andy holds a degree in Computer Science and, prior to Networking Technologies, worked as a Developer at both Synctomi and Tiresias Coding Corporation. He has been recognized as an inventor on two patents in computer security systems and methods and systems for establishing the identity of an originator of computer transactions.

His passion for knowledge and problem solving are both necessary components of his job and parts of his hobbies. A lifelong student, Andy is continuously reading on the latest in science and physics, specifically quantum physics. His coworkers would tell you that the harder the problem, the harder Andy will work to solve it. “[The problem] becomes a bit of an OCD for me.” Andy enjoys tinkering with electronics, using Arduino and Raspberry Pi to solve problems around the house, and building and flying drones. A bit of a foodie, Andy loves to visit new restaurants and try new foods. His love for knowledge was passed down to his daughter who enjoys taking walks with her dad and talking about science.