Congratulations to the following Networking Technologies, who earned certifications recently.

Anthony Squeglia

  • Extreme Networks: ESS-Overview, Smart OmniEdge, Switching, Software

Chris Heck

  • Barracuda Networks: ESSO1 Barracurda Essentials – Foundation
  • Microsoft: Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals

Chris Schultz

  • Extreme Networks: ESS-Smart OmniEdge, Switching, Overview
  • VMWare: VTSP-Foundation

Jim Segal

  • Extreme Networks: ECS-Campus EXOS Switching & Routing, Access Wireless

Karen Butts

  • Extreme Networks: ESS – Overview, Smart OmniEdge, Switching, Software
  • Barracuda Neworks: BT10- Barracuda Certified Sales Partner

Russ Torok

  • Extreme Networks: ESS-Switching

Scott Emser

  • Extreme Networks: ESS- Overview, Smart OmniEdge

Steve Metzler

  • Extreme Networks: ECS-Access Wireless, Campus Fabric Switching & Routing

Tom Corapi

  • Extreme Networks: ESS-Overview, Smart OmniEdge, Data Center
  • VMWare: VTSP-Foundation