Today’s technology innovations have resulted in a massive increase in data. Case in point, 90% of the world’s data was generated over the last two years with a 40% growth taking place each year. This pace of rapid change has a big impact on IT infrastructure. As a result, today’s data centers are scrambling to scale up to meet the demand.

The first challenge: data protection. Yesterday’s storage technologies can’t protect data on a large, enterprise scale. Making the move to a flash-based storage approach offers a wide range of protection and provides rapid, resilient access to your data. So what are the four ways to protect your enterprise data with a move toward all-flash storage?

1. Integrated protection

Be sure to invest in an all-flash storage solution that offers features like hardware and software redundancy. Products like HPE 3PAR StoreServ have integrated redundancy to eliminate the risk of single point of failure. With it, it can deliver 99.9999% availability with seamless failover and failback for resilience.

2. Simplified backup and recovery

Backup and recovery tasks are time consuming with conventional storage approaches. That’s because the speed at which data moves is slower and there is more storage hardware to be maintained. Primary storage and backup storage appliances are disparate. Converged all-flash storage arrays, like the HPE 3PAR StoreServ, stores up to 56.3 TB of data in just 1U of flash storage. But most important, it integrates primary storage with backup appliances for a flash-integrated backup approach that reduces complexity.

3. Improved storage efficiency

It’s estimated that 60% of all storage space is consumed by copies of data. It’s also estimated that deduplication can reduce your backup storage costs by a factor of 20. Flash storage solutions, like HPE 3PAR StoreServ come with built-in support for data deduplication that reduces the amount of data that’s managed and stored. This improves storage efficiency by ensuring that you’re not paying storage costs on duplicate data that’s not adding value to the business.

4. Maximized data ROI

The cost of flash has come down and is now considered to cost just about as much as traditional spinning disk technology, yet delivers more value to the business in terms of data speed and reliability. Case in point, you can pay less than $1.50 per GB with an all-flash storage solution that fully protects your data from loss.

The converged nature of products like HPE 3PAR StoreServ provide data resiliency thanks to a unified and simplified approach to block, file and object access. What’s more, it’s powered by Intel Xeon processors for speed and predictability. As an HPE Platinum Converged Infrastructure Specialist Partner and Gold Storage Specialist Partner, Networking Technologies has experience deploying products like HPE 3PAR StoreServ for enterprise-wide data protection. Contact us to secure your mission-critical data with zero data loss and high availability.