From Extreme Networks

Deidra Peterson Specialist, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 12 Feb 2020

“We are thrilled to partner with Gannon University to develop the next generation of networking talent. The Extreme Academy will provide students and partners with valuable training and certification on the latest innovations in cloud-driven networking and security technology.” – Dan Dulac, Vice President of Solutions Strategy, Extreme Networks

Gannon University located in Erie, PA has begun a partnership with Extreme Networks to bring new professional training opportunities to the region. The program will equip Gannon’s Institute for Health and Cyber Knowledge (I-HACK) with state-of-the-art networking technology and will boost the University’s cyber programs. The University will be embedding their technical certification and training curriculum into the academic curriculum of Gannon’s undergraduate and graduate engineering and computing programs. Gannon students will be able to receive industry certification as they complete their coursework.

The partnership is an element of the Extreme Academy which is rolling out to specifically support the development of the most cutting-edge networking technologies. Extreme will have a dedicated training center located on the third floor of I-HACK’s Hatchery, which is a collaborative commercial space to integrate industry and professional development with academics. This space will serve as a regional training center offering on-site training to professionals from local and regional companies. It will also be connected with the ExtremeDojo™ – Extreme’s online training and certification program. University faculty will become Certified Extreme Instructors and will join other Extreme instructors delivering training on-site.


Gannon is creating a high-performance computing center and a Geographic Information Systems Center for Education and Engagement, which will build on Extreme Academy high-performance networking equipment. These two initiatives will serve academic, healthcare, criminal justice, and environmental students, researchers and businesses across the region with data storage, processing, and analysis.

With this partnership, Gannon is able to upgrade equipment for the Extreme Academy for 10 years, as well as outfit other academic buildings with Extreme networking solutions. Networking Technologies, a leading value-added reseller and integration partner, is working in collaboration with Extreme to deploy and maintain the I-HACK network and facilitate future upgrades to the Gannon University network.