Letter from the President

The digital transformation is now occurring at lightning speed. As a business leader, you’re probably feeling that pressure to keep up to compete on several fronts – from security and compliance to data storage decisions to FASB changes.

To grow, you have to invest in IT. However, if you’re hesitant because you’re not willing to pay for services you’re not using, you’re not alone. A recent survey by market intelligence provider International Data Corporation (IDC) realized that consumption-based procurement in datacenters will have surpassed traditional procurement and account for upwards of 40% of enterprise infrastructure spending by 2020. In fact, 94% of customers say a traditional IT infrastructure provider has a pay-per-use model.

IDC recommends to establish on-premise IT resources that are measurable, attributable and provide cost transparency to drive workload placement decisions. Talk to us about pay-as-you use methods for both managed services as well as larger projects that may have shifted from capex to opex. We can work with you to plan for and make this transition in a way that makes sense to your business.

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From all of us at Networking Technologies,

James Bahm
President, Networking Technologies

Why AI and 5G Make a Good Team

used with the permission of http://thenetwork.cisco.com
by Anne Field
When combined, the technologies pack a powerful punch.

It’s the meeting of two much-hyped and potentially transformative technologies.In one corner, there’s a newbie, 5G — higher bandwidth networks promising super-fast speed and increased responsiveness and reliability. And in the other, artificial intelligence (AI)—technology that can analyze massive amounts of data and learn from previous actions. But combined together, 5G networks and AI have the potential to pack a significantly more powerful punch. Some industry experts argue that the key differentiator among mobile networks will be the quality of the AI in their systems.

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5 Tips on PC Recycling


used with permission from HP Tech@Work
How do I dispose of obsolete computers?

Many of us have similar concerns: Will it cost money? Do I have options? Is it OK to throw old computers in a recycling bin? Is there help available if I’m not sure how to recycle my electronics? Could my personal data be compromised after my old computers leave the office?

If you’re scratching your head over any or all of the above questions, we’ve got the answers for you. Will it cost money?

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2018 Data Breach: What We Learned From Last Year’s Doozies

used with permission from Tektonika (HP)
Jasmine W. Gordon

Cybersecurity incidents just don’t have the same shock value they used to—not after Facebook, Uber, Target, and Equifax were all breached. However, even if you ignored 2018 data breach news, there were some absolute whoppers, including two incidents which likely exposed data on the entire population of India and the US; that’s 1 in 3 global citizens with a digital footprint.

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Can Old(er) SMBs Learn New Tricks?

used with permission from HP Tech@Work

Advice for digital transformation

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but older businesses will have to prove that adage wrong if they want to run with the big dogs in this evolving age of technology.

Developing a digital transformation plan is a key step for small businesses that want to futureproof their business models, further their successes and retain happy customers – not to mention keep other small businesses from outpacing them in their markets.

Woof, Here It Is

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Net Tech Employees Hold 2 of only 4 Black Belts in the Country

Congratulations to CEO Jim Segal and Steve Metzler who have earned ExtremeDojo Blackbelts. They are two of the only four people in the United States to hold this coveted certification that demonstrates their aptitude in fabric switching and routing, wireless access, extreme control and Extreme Management Center.

Technology Certifications for September 2019

Congratulations to the following Networking Technologies employees received certifications in the last month.

Craig Allison
VMWare: VOP-SE (VMware Operations Professional – Subscriptions Expert)
Karen Butts
VMWare: VOP-SE (VMware Operations Professional – Subscriptions Expert)
Tom Corapi
VMWare: VOP-SE (VMware Operations Professional – Subscriptions Expert)
Allen Minns
Microsoft: Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals
Microsoft: Microsoft 365 Fundamentals
Scott Peterson
Microsoft: Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals
Microsoft: Microsoft 365 Fundamentals
Barracuda Networks: BU01 – Barracuda Backup – Foundation
Barracuda Networks: ESS01 Barracuda Essentials – Foundation

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