Letter from the President

As you finalize plans for 2019, it’s a great time of year to take an introspective look at your network infrastructure. You may have seen through our Tech Talks and other industry information that we are seeing a significant shift as data moves to the cloud and software is deployed as a service (SaaS) becomes commonplace. With this shift in focus and increase in conversation relating to the cloud and hybrid, it’s easy for your network to be forgotten. However, I’d strongly underscore a basic tenant of your infrastructure: in order to access resources, apps and data – regardless of whether you use a wired or wireless connection – you have to connect to the network. The network serves as the doorway to data access whether via the Internet or on a server. 

The mindset needs to shift from your network as inconsequential “plumbing” or “just a road to the Internet” to a critical component of our infrastructure that makes or breaks effectiveness of your operation. For example, as IoT becomes commonplace, multiple device types are attempting to simultaneously access your network including HVAC systems, heart monitors, water systems, etc. Your ability to isolate and segment these devices on your network keeps your organization secure without overwhelming access for critical operations.

The issue is that if your network is 3-5 years old, in all likelihood, it needs enhanced or replaced even if you’ve added new access points. The newest access points – those brought online in the last three years – and even newer ones (802.11) exceed bandwidth of the latest switches. Utilizing new access points with an old network is like connecting a fire hose nozzle to a garden hose. While you have the nozzle to put out the fire (access points), your source (network) doesn’t have enough power to do the job. 

If you’re not sure if you have the right network for your business’s needs, contact us and we can evaluate what you have in place, your current needs and make recommendations. 

I encourage you not to wait – with the increase of IoT and BYOD, the demands on your network (both bandwidth and security) are only going to increase. We can help you plan not only for today, but also for the future.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and hope you and your staff have a great Thanksgiving.

From all of us at Networking Technologies,

James Bahm
President, Networking Technologies

3 Ways to Modernize Your IT Security Strategy

used with permission from Tektonika (HP)
by Joe Hewitson

Take a moment and think back to what life was like 20 or so years ago. What tech themes do you remember most from that golden age of computing? Was it the sounds of R2-D2 emanating from your modem as you joined the growing online community? Or, perhaps you recall best those glorious moments when you finally reached the end of The Oregon Trail without losing your brother to dysentery.

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Empower Your Remote Workforce With Mobile Office Technology

used with permission from Tektonika (HP)
by Karen Gilleland

You probably know at least a few friends working from home these days. The trend is on the upswing, despite what headlines about companies pulling employees back into the office may suggest. Survey guru Gallup swizzled the numbers and found 43 percent of American workers were already part of the remote workforce, a number expected to hit 50 percent by 2020.Read more →


Don’t Let the Old Hardware Blues Undermine Office Security

Unlike fine wine, your cyber assets don’t get better with age. Any PC more than four years old is not only costly to keep, but it’s also hack-friendly tech that could pose serious office security risk. Old PCs lack the built-in security triggers needed to repel the thousands of malware threats discovered each hour. With new technology, you could avoid 70-80 percent of the top malware detected.

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    Smart Speakers in Every Home? How IoT is Taking Over

    New findings shine a light on how devices are becoming necessity for homes.

    A new report from Adobe says almost half of all consumer homes in the United States will own a smart speaker by the end of 2018. This whopping finding is a part of the company’s“State of Voice Assistants” report, which also provides stats like what consumers are using their speakers for (70 percent ask for music, and 64 percent ask about the weather). 

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    The Many Applications for Blockchain

    Used with the permission of http://thenetwork.cisco.com
    by Anne Field

    It’s being used for everything from identity protection to voting.

    To judge from most of the hype, you’d think that blockchain technology was only about trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Of course, this distributed digital ledger which holds immutable, time-stamped transaction records, is at the core of such currencies. But there are many other uses for blockchain technology, from protecting an individual’s digital identity to holding tamper-proof elections. A wide variety of startups and other organizations are sprouting up to experiment with such applications.

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    The Many Applications for Blockchain

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