“The transition from the industrial to the digital era is having a seismic impact on business and society”. As I read the first line of one of our articles for this month’s newsletter edition about how Education Needs a New Approach, I took pause. Is the need for this new approach restricted to education? I would argue not.

Many businesses are operating with antiquated systems but expecting 21st Century results. To paraphrase the article “the (businesses) that adjust quickest to this tectonic shift will find themselves propelled up the … value rankings. The converse will be true for those …that remain in a digitally torpid state.” Simply, if you’re not continuously monitoring and moving ahead digitally, you’ll quickly find yourself falling behind. I challenge you as we close out the first month of 2018 to reflect on what’s coming next and how your business fares. We would love to help you evaluate your current systems and plans for the future.

Funding through government contract opportunities may help offset some of the costs. In case you didn’t know, Networking Technologies has been selected as a provider for multiple government and educational contracts including:

  • PEPPM®
  • National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance
  • NYS Office of General Services
  • OCMBoces

To learn more about each of the contracts and our reselling agreements with each of them, visit our Government Contracts page.