Whether you are considering a move to Microsoft 365 or are already there, you may be surprised to learn the sheer number of resources that are available to support you – regardless of your position or knowledge level. It would be impossible to detail everything provided through office.com, but we wanted to give you five of our favorites:

1. LinkedIn Learning for You and You Teams

One of the newest and most comprehensive areas that Microsoft offers isn’t even on office.com. LinkedIn Learning (formally Lynda.com) is a partnership between LinkedIn and Microsoft to provide a knowledge repository for all users – beginner to advanced. The site touts 154 Windows, 201 Office, 73 Outlook, 202 Excel, 166 Word and 83 PowerPoint courses. You can set up a team training module where you can personalize eLearning for your team or your entire organization. This advanced team system does come at a cost, but you can sign up for a free month and request a demonstration.

2. Productivity Training

To address today’s world of collaborative work, Microsoft offers Office 365 Productivity Training. This provides training on how you can use various Microsoft tools such as Yammer, SharePoint, OneDrive and Outlook to work together seamlessly. The site nearly provides a step-by-step instruction guide on how to make your office work better together – from how to have more focused conversations to better ways to share and store documents to more efficient scheduling and emailing.

3. IT Help

Office 2016 for IT site is a great resource for IT professionals who are considering or getting ready to migrate to Office 2016 with Office 365. This area provides you with information on everything form evaluating individual products to guides on deployment and setup of Office 365 ProPlus with the 2016 apps. Information found on the site also includes documentation and deployment scripts. They also offer an array of certifications perfect for IT professionals in Mobility, Cloud, Productivity, Data, App Builder and Business.

4. Product-Specific Training

Whether you have wanted to learn how to create a PivotTable, level up your presentations or create a variable mail merge, the training is available on support.office.com. This guidance is available for all Office products including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Skype, Outlook, OneNote and Access. The easier helps (i.e., inserting a picture in Word) are available in text only but most of the more detailed trainings (i.e., mail merge with Outlook) are offered in both video and transcript, so you can learn at your own pace using your preferred method.

5. Templates

Why recreate the wheel? Sometimes the most efficient way to complete a project is to find something that someone else has done and customize it for your company. Microsoft offers hundreds of templates for Word, PowerPoint and Excel on topics ranging from brochures and flyers to financial management and surveys. They are downloadable and customizable. Viola! Your life just got easier!

Need Help Moving to Office 365?

If you are thinking about migrating to Office 365 and need assistance or have questions, give us a call or send us an email. As always, we are happy to assist you.