North East to bring back fireworks for Fourth of July

Source: From YourErie.comfireworks

NORTH EAST — The city of Erie might have nixed fireworks for the Fourth of July, but one local borough is stepping up. North East is bringing fireworks back after the community voiced their interest in bringing back the tradition. It will be the first time in years that North East will have fireworks. The fireworks will be set off on Mercyhurst North East. Officials said when the city of Erie started Boom Over the Bay, North East stopped hosting the annual tradition after about 20 years.

The Erie Community Foundation listened, found dozens of businesses to donate, matched the funds raised, and now North East will see fireworks on the July 4.$12,500 was raised, with the Erie Community Foundation matching that number, brining the total to $25,000.

“In the past we would have a stage with music,” Gary Brown, Mercyhurst North East chief operation officer, said. “We would have vendors selling food and face paintings and things like that. I think to get back into it this year, it’s really just going to be fireworks. So it’s really not that much work on our part to get campus ready.”

The university said it didn’t take long to put logistics of the show together.

North East’s fireworks will begin at dusk on July 4.