As businesses begin to shift into the next phase of recovery, they must realize that methods that worked in the past may not benefit them in a future world chock full of uncertainty. For organizations to survive future hardships, they must choose to revamp their outdated technologies and applications before moving forward with any remote-work transitions.

We can’t shake our magic 8-balls and expect to know all the answers to questions about what the future will look like. But we do know that we have to plan and adapt for all imaginable circumstances. Businesses should consider prepping for the following possible scenarios:

  • A second wave of COVID-19 that forces closures once again.
  • The arrival of a different disaster (think hurricane season).
  • Businesses staying remote into 2021 or beyond.
  • Employees returning to office settings, in whole or in part, with a potential mixture of in-office and remote workers.

There are surefire ways to enable your business to make it through any of these scenarios. Many of them have to do with the technology you have behind the scenes.


You Need to Start Planning for Upgrades Now

If you were just getting by with outdated technology before the COVID-19 crisis, you now realize you won’t get that lucky again. Business leaders who were unprepared found themselves scrambling to get remote access and security solutions set up for their employees at the last minute. Some managed to pull it off – while others struggled.

To properly prepare for all the what-ifs of the remote work transition, businesses must plan to upgrade their networks, security, and applications to handle any scenarios that may come next. System enhancements that enable businesses to switch from in-office setups to remote access and back again at the drop of a hat are necessary. Solid protection for all company-issued and personally-owned devices that are used to access your network won’t be an optional luxury.

Thorough disaster recovery preparation, business continuity plans, and ongoing managed IT service will also need to be incorporated into future plans to contend with these possible scenarios:

  • Where will we house our servers if we’re unable to utilize an office?
  • Will all employees have reliable remote network access during the next disaster?
  • What steps will we take if there’s a network security breach?
  • What if we encounter a ransomware attack?
  • What if a company-issued laptop gets stolen?
  • What if we experience a never-seen-before volume of issues that IT support can’t handle?

We Can Help


Networking Technologies has the experience you can count on to deal with the unexpected and the unknown. We can help you plan for the remote work transition to ensure your business can survive any situation, no matter the location of your employees. 

Here are a few benefits our clients enjoy:

  • Round-the-clock network monitoring and support
  • Reliable and safe connectivity
  • Ongoing managed services to handle any system issues that may arise
  • Solid remote network access and security solutions
  • Cloud-based applications for communication, collaboration, file storage, backup and recovery, and more

We’re happy to provide ideas to help you upgrade your technology with custom solutions designed to fit all budgets. Contact us today and set your business on the path to survive and thrive no matter what the future may bring.