Data Is Your Oxygen

Your business can’t live without it. Our data backup and recovery technology will keep you breathing easy.

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Protect your most valuable asset.

It’s Dangerous to Be Data

Cyber attacks and natural disasters are the most common causes of data loss.

Sometimes it’s bad luck and your network crashes. There’s also the widespread scam known as ransomware. Hackers encrypt your network and (maybe) unlock it when you pay a hefty ransom. Networking Technologies offers various disaster and backup recovery solutions that make it possible to retrieve lost data and resume system operations with minimal disruptions.

What Is the Most Effective Data Protection and Recovery System?

Most businesses have some level of data security in place. The key is to have the right kind. Our team of experts will analyze your network and create the ideal data protection and recovery system for your business. When it comes to data loss, size doesn’t matter. Large or small, your data is unique to your business. Even a slight loss of data that affects a few files can be crushing. Networking Technologies doesn’t mitigate risk. We eliminate it by providing a range of backup and recovery solutions that cover all the security bases and satisfy regulatory requirements.

Cloud Backup

Ensure your cloud storage is safe and secure in our backup solution, engineered for the cloud.


Launch business-ready virtual machines designed to block ransomware, phishing, and other cyber threats.

Physical Backup

Extend your data management capabilities to the cloud. Speed, Scale, and Flexibility!

Azure Backup

Economically transform your legacy infrastructure and scale your business for faster performance.


One size doesn’t fit all. We provide best-in-class data protection and recovery systems at a price that works with your budget.

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