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July 2018 Newsletter

Here is your July 2018 newsletter. In this issue... • Letter From the President • Outcome-Based IT Consumption • Can You ID and Report a Data Breach Within 3 days? • 4 Ways to Be Good to Your PC • Build Your Security Immunity With an IT Infrastructure Checkup...

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HPE Discover 2018 Highlights

Networking Technologies was able to attend HPE Discover 2018 to hear from leading IT experts on the future of technology and innovations from HPE. This knowledge is then brought back to you, our customers, to assist you and your businesses in making the right...

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GDPR Compliance-72 Hour Rule

used with permission from IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub by Seth Dobrin The 72-hour rule included in the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has become a major focus for businesses as they work towards compliance. Article...

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IT Infrastructure Checkup

used with permission from Tektonika (HP) by Joe Hewitson As a species, humans have a natural tendency to overcomplicate things. Take coffee, for example: It’s gone from simple, “good ’til the last drop” black coffee to iced, half-caff, ristretto, venti, four-pump,...

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4 Ways to be Good to Your PC

used with permission from HP Tech@Work Here’s how to keep your PC in top shape Let’s be real: You probably can’t swap your PC in for a new one as often as you’d like. A PC is an investment—and taking good care of it pays off in the long run. If your PC has a few years...

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