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Managed Core Infrastructure

Achieve enhanced agility, swiftness, and adaptability through Networking Technologies managed infrastructure solutions, offering a range of hosting alternatives and flexible pricing models.

Managed Core Infrastructure

In a rapidly changing business world, Networking Technologies offers secure and efficient core IT infrastructure for clients to build and grow their businesses. With 25 years of experience, we provide insights to enhance core environments, optimize ROI, and drive growth. If your company or IT team struggles with accessing relevant data, our solutions offer comprehensive data management and analytics capabilities. Let us transform your data challenges into opportunities for success.

MCIS Essentials

  • Managed Network Infrastructure (Wired & Wireless)
  • Managed Firewall and Edge Security

MCIS Essentials Plus

  • Managed Network Infrastructure (Wired & Wireless)
  • Managed Firewall and Edge Security
  • Managed Compute (Server, Storage, VMware)
  • Managed Backup & Recovery Service – Optional
  • Managed Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Solutions Tailored to Your Business Needs

Clients trust our 25 years of experience and expertise to provide them with IT and business insights that enhance and expand their core infrastructure environments. Through our services and assessments, clients can optimize their return on investment for IT expenditures, ensuring the proper scaling of their businesses. Our proven approach reflects our commitment to delivering tangible results and solutions that drive growth and efficiency.

Networking Technologies Service Offering Includes:


Managed Network Infrastructure (Wired & Wireless)


Managed Firewall and Edge Security


Managed Compute (Server, Storage, VMware)


Managed Backup & Recovery Service - optional


Managed Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

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