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Dictate Instead of Typing in Office 365 Apps

Did you know that in many Office 365 applications you can dictate text instead of typing it? You may find this useful, especially if you need to respond to an email message and your hands aren’t free, or if you want to brainstorm out loud and capture your thoughts...

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Should you Ditch your Desktop?

used with permission from HP Tech@Work What to consider Desktops have supported your business and workforce for years. But with new developments (wireless docking) and new form factors (Ultrabooks, detachables, tablets), desktops are now just one of a number of viable...

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How to Build Smarter Data Integration in a Multicloud World

used with permission from IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub by Bharath Chari Let’s say you’re the Chief Technology Officer of a bank or retailer struggling to infuse AI that aims to improve customer experiences. You likely face three main challenges: Data sprawl: Your...

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Safely deploying AI in the workplace

used with permission from Tektonika (HP) by Carrie Dagenhard After years of hype, artificial intelligence has wedged itself firmly into our everyday lives, and thankfully, it’s not the dystopian science fiction nightmare we all feared—at least, not yet. Instead,...

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September 2019 Employee Certifications

Congratulations to the following Networking Technologies employees received certifications in the last month.   Tom Corapi HPE: HPE Product Certified - OneView (2018) HPE: ASE - Server Solutions Architect V4 Steve Metzler Cisco: Course - Routing & Switching...

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How to secure your iPad and keep it that way

How to secure your iPad and keep it that way

used with permission from Norton by Symantec iPads and other tablet computers are everywhere: in the coffee shop, at your children’s school, at your book club, at the department store. Chances are, you or someone you know uses a tablet computer regularly. But should...

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